Loft Guide -

  1. Survey of loft
  2. Quotation
  3. Architects and structural engineers drawings
  4. Planning / building regulations
  5. Back to customer to make sure completely happy (if not repeat steps 3 and 4)
  6. Build
    1. Steel fabrication and fitted
      1.                                                                            i.      Building inspector check
    2. Independent floor (fully independent)
    3. Sound installation and chipboard flooring
    4. First fix of plumbing and electrical runs
    5. Roof strengthening, dormer build and velux window installation
    6. Fibreglass or bitumen roof for dormer
    7. Felt baton and slate roof to ensure water tight

i.      Building inspector check

    1. Insulation of roof
      1.                                                                            i.      Building inspector check
    2. Staircase fitment
      1.                                                                            i.      All internal studwork
      2.                                                                          ii.      Plasterboard
      3.                                                                         iii.      Plaster
      4.                                                                        iv.      Second fix of electrics and plumbing
      5.                                                                          v.      Second fix of skirting and architrave
      6.                                                                        vi.      Fire doors to necessary openings
        1. Building inspector check
  1. Full signoff of job
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